How To Shove It

How To Shove It On A Skateboard

Today we are going to learn how to shove it and pop shove it on a skateboard, both frontside and backside. 

The Shuvit or Shove It is a beginner skateboard trick that you can do pretty shortly after learning how to skateboard. A shove it is a 180 rotation of the skateboard which will either rotate frontside or backside. When performing a shove it, you will jump while rotating the board 180 degrees underneath you, resulting in you landing on the skateboard in your normal stance with the board facing the other way (backwards). The key thing to note is that there is a difference between the Pop Shove It and a plain Shove It. The difference is that the pop shove it requires you to pop your skateboard in a similar manner to how you would ollie, but at an angle, scraping your tail against the ground to get some additional air. The Shove it or shuvit on the other hand does not require any pop, but rather is a simple scooping motion that you can learn how to do before learning how to ollie.  After you learn how to skateboard, the shove it is a helpful technique to learn in forcing you to commit to landing a trick. While it is not a traditional flip trick, but more of a board rotation, this will likely be the first "flip trick" that you learn how to do on a skateboard. It is likely that you will only be able to learn how to shove it backside due to the scooping leverage this trick requires, while a pop shove it is definitely achievable both frontside and backside as the pop allows you to float and catch the trick with ample time and leverage to rotate the skateboard in either direction.

How To Shove It

First we are going to cover how to shove it, as this technique is helpful in learning how to backside and even frontside pop shove it. The shove it does not require you to be able to ollie and will help you gain confidence committing to landing your first skateboard tricks. To perform the shuvit, your front foot will only really be used to jump off of and catch the board for the landing. Therefore, the shove it is mainly a back foot trick as the scooping motion is almost entirely initiated with your back foot. To initiate the scoop, you will place your back foot toes in the front corner pocket the tail. You will dig into the corner tail of your board with your big toe, scooping and guiding the board around by kick the board behind you. Jump off your front foot as you scoop the board to allow it to rotate the skateboard a 180. For a full video on how to shove it on a skateboard, check this out:


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How To Backside Pop Shove It 

The difference between the shove it and backside pop shove it is that you probably want to be able to ollie when performing the pop shove it. The scooping motion is more subtle on a good pop shove it because popping the skateboard will help the board rotate the 180 more naturally in air. Foot setup is pretty much the same as the shuvit. The difference is that you will need to jump higher, likely pressing some additional weight down on your front foot before popping, shifting that weight to your back foot to unleash a strong explosive pop. Scrape the tail of your skateboard against the ground for the pop shove it, and pop the board at an angle with your back foot toes, doing a subtle scooping motion but focusing more on the pop for this one. Your board should naturally start to form a 180, so play around with your foot setup, pop strength, jump height, and angle of the pop to optimize your backside pop shove it. The front foot will also play a larger role in catching the trick for a pop shove it, as this will help control your landing. 

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How To Frontside Shove it

Frontside shove its are arguably the most difficult way to pop shove it and is a more advanced version overall. That is because this frontside rotation is not as natural for your body to create and land compared to the backside shove it. The reason being is that with the frontside pop shove it, you are pretty much blind to where the board is going as it rotates behind you. The key to a good frontside shove it is a strong pop, kicking your back foot forwards as you pop to rotate the board behind you. Committing to the landing is the most important part so it helps to jump as high as you can to catch the board underneath you. 

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