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Our goal at How To Skateboards is for you to succeed with skateboarding. That is why as a skate shop we not only provide high quality skateboards, but are here to guide you in the right direction on how to skateboard. Skateboarding is not easy, but if you be patient and keep skating, you will become a great skateboarder! We will be here as a brand to help you progress by providing content and skateboard tutorials for all skill levels.

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Our goal at How To Skateboards is to teach you how to skateboard. Our how to skateboard blog is a free resource for you to learn from!

  • How To Stand On A Skateboard

    How To Skateboard Part 1

    The first thing you need to do when learning how to skateboard is to determine your stance. There are two main stances in skateboarding: you are either goofy or regular. A regular footed skateboarder has their left foot placed on the front of the board and their right foot in back. Ideally a regular footed skater pushes with their right foot and has the majority of their weight on the left (front) foot when steering.

    Learn About Skateboard Stances 
  • How To Skateboard

    How To Skateboard Part 2

    Now that you have determined your stance, it's time to learn how to properly ride your skateboard. The basic fundamentals of skateboarding come down to pushing, turning, and using the tail of your skateboard in a variety of ways. When learning how to skateboard, you will want to be mindful of your foot setup as well as how you are distributing and shifting your weight on the skateboard.

    Learn How To Ride A Skateboard 
  • How To Stop On A Skateboard

    How To Stop On A Skateboard

    There are many different ways to stop on a skateboard. Some methods for stopping on a skateboard are definitely better for certain situations than others and some techniques for stopping may require a higher skill level. We are going to break down here the easier and harder ways to stop on a skateboard. The easiest way to stop on a skateboard is to jump and run off, ditching your board and slowing yourself down by jogging it out

    Learn How To Stop On A Skateboard 

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