About Us: How To Skateboard

How To Skateboards LLC

How To Skateboards

Not just a skate shop, but a brand focused on teaching you how to skateboard. We want to bring together skateboarders of all skill levels with one common goal: to get better, to make progress! 

Many people buy a skateboard, but instructions are not included. How to skateboards is all about providing you with a quality skateboard that comes with instructions. Instructions being our content where we provide you with tips on how to skate like a pro. We have you covered on how to skateboard at a beginner level, to how to perform advanced tricks for intermediate or more experienced skaters. 

If you are new to skateboarding, want to start skateboarding, or are a well seasoned skater, we hope you enjoy and utilize the resources our brand can provide you. Even if you don't buy our skateboards, we want you to take advantage of the free skateboarding advice!