Should You Wear A Helmet When Skateboarding

Should You Wear A Helmet When Skateboarding

Should You Wear A Helmet For Skateboarding?

The answer is yes. You should wear a helmet when skateboarding. The truth is that most skateboarders, especially street skaters, generally do not wear helmets. Vert skaters on the other hand are far more commonly found wearing a helmet due to the speed, intensity, and potential danger involved in their discipline of skateboarding. However, you will definitely find some vert skaters not wearing a helmet as well as some street skaters who do wear a helmet. 

The truth is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Even wearing a helmet, Tony Hawk has gotten several concussions throughout his career. Had he not been wearing a helmet when skating, it is possible Tony Hawk would no longer be alive with the magnitude of the falls he has taken. You never know when you are going to fall and accidents do happen, which is why we recommend you wear a helmet for skateboarding.

Why People Do Not Wear A Helmet When Skateboarding

A lot of skateboarders prefer not to wear a helmet because they find it uncomfortable. Many others do not wear a helmet when skateboarding because they do not like the way it looks. The truth is that regardless of if you wear a helmet or not, nobody cares. If you wear one, great! Nobody will look down at you for wearing one versus not wearing one. By wearing a helmet, you are being smart and safe about skateboarding, and nobody is going to make fun of you for that!

It's best not to risk your life while enjoying skating. It is especially important for beginners to wear a helmet because there is a technique to falling, and many beginner skateboarders do not know how to fall properly. Therefore, a beginner skater should always wear a helmet, because there is the greatest risk for them to get a head injury when skating, as opposed to an experienced skater. A lot of experienced skaters are confident in their ability to fall properly and avoid head injury. However, sometimes you lose control which is why we recommend all skaters to wear a helmet! 

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