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DKL Rubber Griptape

DKL Rubber Griptape

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DKL Rubber Griptape

A Proprietary Non-Abrasive Rubber Griptape that grips and flicks like sandpaper but won't rip your shoes.

  • NEW Gen 7 (Released 2022)
  • Qty:  1 Sheet
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  9" x 33"



Rubber is soft. Use a sharp blade not already dulled by sandpaper to trim.

Follow our Double-Tap Tip below. Inset 1/4" away from the edge of your board so it doesn't get caught or lifted. Pay special attention to the nose & tail.

Rubber is easy to clean. If it gets too dusty, simply wipe with a damp rag or wetwipe for a fresh grip again.

If you can, let adhesive set 1 hr or overnight. Also, grips best with shoes that still have traction.


The Double-Tap

Follow this tip to keep your grip from hanging over the edge and potentially getting caught and lifted.

Give your board a 2nd trim and inset 1/4 inch away from the edge. Pay special attention to the nose & tail.

***One of the few downsides to rubber griptape is it needs to be purposely inset while sandpaper insets itself by wearing away around the edges. It's quick though and makes a huge difference.

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Care Instructions

Store your skateboard indoors at a moderate room temperature. Try to avoid leaving your skateboard in a very hot or cold car/garage as that may cause damage to your board. Always avoid getting your skateboard wet as that will cause your hardware to rust and your board to warp & become waterlogged.

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What Size Skateboard Should I Ride?

The size of the skateboard you ride is all personal preference. We recommend starting out with a 7.75" or 8" wide board when you are first learning how to skateboard. For young kids we recommend a board sized 7" to 8" wide. You can move up sizes at any time. People with larger feet generally prefer a wider deck for more foot space. Street skaters may prefer a smaller sized skateboard for easier flip tricks while a transition skater will typically choose a larger size such as an 8.5" or even wider!