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Element Quadrant Skateboard Deck 7.5"

Element Quadrant Skateboard Deck 7.5"

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Element Quadrant Skateboard Deck

 When one is not enough, enter the Quadrant Skateboard Deck, an ELEMENT classic that features four of our iconic tree logos stamped across the bottom. Developed with our decades of technical expertise, designed with our standard seven ply formula, this deck delivers a dependable, high-performance ride for skaters of varying skill sets. Made with premium materials, comes in multiple sizes.

  • Skateboard Deck.
  • ELEMENT Classics Collection.
  • 100% Maple Wood
  • Sizing: Width: 7.5" x Length: 31", Wheel Base: 14", Nose: 6.875" / Tail: 6.25"

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Care Instructions

Store your skateboard indoors at a moderate room temperature. Try to avoid leaving your skateboard in a very hot or cold car/garage as that may cause damage to your board. Always avoid getting your skateboard wet as that will cause your hardware to rust and your board to warp & become waterlogged.

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What Size Skateboard Should I Ride?

The size of the skateboard you ride is all personal preference. We recommend starting out with a 7.75" or 8" wide board when you are first learning how to skateboard. For young kids we recommend a board sized 7" to 8" wide. You can move up sizes at any time. People with larger feet generally prefer a wider deck for more foot space. Street skaters may prefer a smaller sized skateboard for easier flip tricks while a transition skater will typically choose a larger size such as an 8.5" or even wider!