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Primitive x Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Grip Tape

Primitive x Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Grip Tape

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Shred like the fate of the world is at stake on the Universal Survival grip tape from Primitive x Dragon Ball Super! Graphics of the members of Team Universe 7 decorate this grip, with the Primitive and Dragon Ball Super logos in the background, perfect for providing any setup with a dose of dope, branded flair.

Product Details:

  • Universal Survival Grip Tape from Primitive x Dragon Ball Super.
  • Official Primitive Skateboards and Dragon Ball Super Collection.
  • Blue grip tape, with logo graphics and Team Universe 7 graphics.
  • Sold in single sheets.
  • 9" x 33" sheet.
  • Peel & stick adhesive backing.
  • Imported.

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Care Instructions

Store your skateboard indoors at a moderate room temperature. Try to avoid leaving your skateboard in a very hot or cold car/garage as that may cause damage to your board. Always avoid getting your skateboard wet as that will cause your hardware to rust and your board to warp & become waterlogged.

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What Size Skateboard Should I Ride?

The size of the skateboard you ride is all personal preference. We recommend starting out with a 7.75" or 8" wide board when you are first learning how to skateboard. For young kids we recommend a board sized 7" to 8" wide. You can move up sizes at any time. People with larger feet generally prefer a wider deck for more foot space. Street skaters may prefer a smaller sized skateboard for easier flip tricks while a transition skater will typically choose a larger size such as an 8.5" or even wider!